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Investment Loan

Do you have a long-term project that requires significant funding? This is the formula for you. Get a loan from us.

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You want to finance projects that are important to you iLoans: Payday Cash Advance, provides you with the money you need.

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With iLoans: Payday Cash Advance, finance your studies today or your loved ones internationally, thanks to our student loan solution.

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iLoans: Payday Cash Advance has set itself the mission of Promoting short, medium and long-term loan financing anywhere in the world where the need arises.

How It Works

At iLoans: Payday Cash Advance we have thought long and hard about how we can make the process of borrowing money fast and simple

  • 1. Apply online
  • 2. A quick chat
  • 3. Digitally sign your loan agreement
  • 4. Receive your loan
  • 5. Repay your loan

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Returning Customers

1. Request a new loan

Simply request a new loan directly from your Customer Care manager or by logging into your loan portal. Again just choose how much you want to borrow, the days, or weeks you want to borrow it for, and how many repayments you would like to make.

2. Digitally sign your loan agreement

Once we've received your application, you'll be assigned a personal Customer Care manager. Depending on your circumstances they may need to give you a quick call to confirm a few details. This call usually takes no longer than 5 minutes. If we are able to assess your application fully using our Credit reference Agencies we may not call.

3. Receive your loan, Repay your loan

Money will be transferred into your account within 15 minutes of signing your Loan Agreement. Whether you have taken out a short term loan or an instalment loan. The scheduled payments will be automatically taken from your account on your agreed repayment dates.